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Zen Cat provides peaceful feline-focused care.

Within Zen Cat Clinic, a sanctuary woven with tranquility, we have meticulously crafted a haven tailored for our feline companions. Each element has been thoughtfully selected to promote relaxation for these perfect creatures. Humans, too, shall discover solace here, enveloped by lush jungle and comforting mid-century aesthetics.

We invite you to linger here with us.


A gentle place.

Casco Gold and silver kennels

Luxury Pied-à-terre

Temperature controlled, customizable lighting, partial frosted glass fronts and sound/reflection dampening interior. Including an oxygen therapy unit for those respiratory cases. Red light is utilized during recovery as cats are less sensitive to red light and daylight settings allow us to evaluate cats without disturbing them. Blue UVA light causes organic materials to fluoresce, improving cleaning between patients, Heated kennel floors create a cozy place to recover and rest.

Calm cat with red tabby muzzle

research supported environment

Calming Ambiance

We know that certain colors, smells and sounds are disturbing for cats due to their unique senses. Calming pheromone diffusers are placed throughout Zen Cat. Hospital kennels are raised up to cater to cats love of vertical spaces. Hiding spots and perches abound. Limited use of reflective surfaces and the color white (which appears fluorescent to cats). Cat-centric music in every room. Every effort is made to help owners feel relaxed because this helps the cats relax too.

Orange Cat Sleeping on White Bed

soft surfaces, warmth, sunshine

Feline-specific Comforts

Exams are done in a living room like environment with soft lighting, stimulating window views, and cortisol reducing music. All equipment has been specifically chosen to be quieter, smaller and more accurate for cats. Warmth and comfort at every step by utilizing towel warmers, fluffy fleeces, and enveloping cat beds. Strong smells are even kept to an absolute minimum through scent reduced product choices and decreased use of rubbing alcohol for lab sample collections.

the soul of zen cat

Zen Cat was born from a desire to provide thorough lifelong care for the feline’s that I feel so privileged to spend my days with, along with the urge to change the way cat owners experience veterinary medicine. Zen Cat Clinic is a reflection of positive warm energy aimed to heal, nurture and educate.

In order to create this vision, it is vital that Zen Cat have a team of passionate, thriving, talented cat lovers who each contribute their unique skills and ideas to the perfection of Zen Cat Clinic. I believe that a genuinely cohesive and happy team of healers is not lost on our clients and their cats.

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Let’s practice the art of veterinary medicine in a different way together and watch our feline friends flourish as a result.

the heart of zen cat

Me and our Sinead.

First love. Little calico.


The services we offer.

helping hand to sick stray cat

Treatment of FIP.

Zen Cat will carry the oral treatment for FIP in clinic. This treatment is legal but must be obtained by an Emergency Drug Release which can take several weeks, so Zen Cat will carry it in stock to avoid the wait. Your veterinarian may refer you to Zen Cat Clinic for life-saving treatment which can now be conducted under the direct supervision of Dr. Kate. Contact us for more information.

Portrait of a cat close-up. Ginger cat close-up.

Comprehensive care.

Zen Cat aims to nurture every aspect of your feline companion. We hold the belief that all inclusive care serves as the cornerstone for ensuring the longevity of our beloved cats. We do not treat a condition in isolation - everything from comfort to mental health should be considered

Cat Undergoes an Ultrasound in Vet Office.

Thorough diagnostics.

At Zen Cat, we are pleased to offer the newest in diagnostic equipment including full in-house lab, ultrasound, and radiology. Our plan is to also incorporate feline sized endoscopy in the near future and cardiac ultrasound clinics with a veterinary cardiologist. Are you desperate for an answer for your cat? We will find it together.

Fat Main Coon Cat Sitting on the Floor

Weight loss transformations.

Slimming feline figures is a formidable task. The unwavering guidance of your Zen Cat staff throughout the journey makes this less daunting. Through united dedication of both owners and healers the goal can be achieved.

young cat's teeth

Dentistry and oral care.

Dr. Kate dedicates a significant portion of her craft to the art of feline dentistry. Bestowing meticulous oral care and surgery upon your beloved cat promotes their well-being and vitality for ages to come. Our vigil extends beyond dental surgery; we also uphold and educate on preventive dental care.


Alternative modalities.

Our detailed care plans, when appropriate, will intertwine the powerful class IV therapeutic laser, the ancient art of acupuncture, the healing touch of physiotherapy and the regenerative ability of fat derived stem cell therapy. Dr.Kate is also a member of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannibinoid Medicine.

Sphynx cat

Emergency care.

We are here to support you during the scariest of moments. With our team's extensive emergency expertise, we will promptly respond to deliver life-saving care and diagnostics. Additionally, we can facilitate hospitalization when needed.

Focus Shot of Human Hands and Paws of Cat

Chronic illness management.

Let the compassionate and reliable staff at Zen Cat design a thorough care plan for your feline. We will explain every diagnosis, create a path for follow-up, and ensure you are aware of all routes to healing. We will also ensure that the plan is fitting not only for your cat, but also your lifestyle and budget.

Cat Abdominal Surgery at Veterinary Clinic

Surgical procedures.

From routine spay and neuters to diagnostic and life saving procedures like biopsies, gastrointestinal, urinary and respiratory tract surgeries, wound repairs, amputations, feeding tube placements, etc. We do refer our orthopedic cases to a veterinary orthopedic surgeon to ensure that our patients are receiving the very best care.

Crop woman kissing and cuddling cat at home

In-home euthanasia.

The peace that accompanies putting your beloved feline to rest within the sanctity of their home is unparalleled. At Zen Cat, this sacred service is offered to all patients. New patients please contact our caring staff first.

Bengal cat with body massage in spa.

Full spa service.

A flawless cat, shining in perfect beauty, radiates joy and dignity. Our gentle full grooming sessions are typically accompanied by a touch of sedative. Each visit also includes nail and ear care for your beloved companion when needed.

Cat Licking Mouth After Eating Food

Pharmacy, food and retail.

We stock medications tailored for our feline companions and will guide you on the path to effortless administration. Explore nutrition handpicked by the esteemed Dr. Kate, with our trained staff assisting you to choose the perfect nourishment. Explore our retail section, where local artisans are honored in a carefully curated collection.

Canadian Sphynx cat with tilted head

Gold-standard cat friendly practice.

Dr. Kate is a dedicated member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners. The Zen Cat staff undergoes continuous training in the art of tending to your feline companion, aimed at diminishing anxiety and fear. Our sanctuary adheres to stringent protocols tailored exclusively for the esteemed feline visitors.

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